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How can you search for an object on CasadiFata

The search for an object on CasadiFata portal can be done in multiple ways.   The simplest is to use the menu of categories on the left side. Clicking on a category of objects will be displayed in the body of the portal all objects belonging to that category, and then will be displayed the secondary categories that help the user to refine the search.

It will be shown a number of objects and it is possible to navigate between pages using the page numbers or the "previous" and "following" arrows in the upper right corner. You can also perform a text search on the whole CasadiFata portal using the textbox in the upper left corner near little magnifier.

Purchases Purchases

How to buy an item on CasadiFata

Nothing could be easier.

Simply click on the selected object and after having viewed the photos and read the description text you click on "BUY" or the symbol of the cart with the symbol + green.
On the same frame, you can perform other actions, such as print a card of object on your own printer, send the same card to a friend or request more information.
Note that some products are accompanied by a PDF attachment. It is usually technical information that the manufacturer provides.

The purchasing system is the classic "cart".

In practice you choose an object, you "add" the object in the cart, then you can continue browsing in the portal and add other items.

In the upper right corner there is always the cart with the available number of items.


Shopping cart Shopping cart

How to communicate where to send the goods

Once inserted items in the cart, you need to know to whom and where to send the objects in your cart.


There are two possibilities: if you are already a customer of CasadiFata, you already have a Userid and Password, then simply type them in the appropriate box.

Otherwise you must register. The customer must take care to enter above all email and shipping address correctly.

In addition, you must give the authorization to the processing of personal data.

At this point, you must specify which payment method you prefer and you're done. 

How is the shopping cart

The cart is composed of one line for each item in the purchase. For each article is shown a small photo, price, any offers, quantity, editable at any time, the amount of the line (price for amount).

It is always possible to delete an article (by clicking the shopping cart symbol with the red X).

If the Customer has available discount coupons, these are subtracted from the total which includes shipping and transport. All totals are including VAT, as a result the total shown is what the Customer must pay.
In the lower part of the shopping cart there are three buttons that allow three different choices.
The customer can continue shopping after having viewed how many objects are in the basket.

You can request an offer; in practice you don't purchase right away, but you get to CasadiFata an offer for items placed in your cart.
This option is useful when you are faced with items whose price is set for private bargaining (rare pieces, antiques etc. ..).  The option "continue order" is what allows the purchase itself.