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Classic sandblasted pipe.

From the hands of experienced and skillful craftsmen originate pipes Mastro de Paja, the famous pipes with the unmistakable mark of the Sun, known and appreciated by connoisseurs around the world. Unique and inimitable pipes because born from unique valuable meeting of Mediterranean burls, various for line and quality of grain, with the sensitivity of the craftsman who, following art and inspiration, individually, models them. And from briar he brings to light the most hidden and precious qualities: the delicate veins, the famous eye of Partridge or precious blazes. Designs always various, original lines, and a deliberately limited production make of pipes Mastro de Paja, objects always worked by hand, for the most demanding and sophisticated collectors, that is for those that love to hear the pipe "own", unique and different from each other.


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Classic sandblasted pipe

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